Benjamin (Ben) Elwood

Ben is an FSU PhD graduate student working in theoretical astrophysics. Currently he is investigating the size distribution of supernova remnants. The evolution of these age old explosions tell us something about the stars that exploded and the environments in which they exploded.

Erica Bloor

Erica is an FSU PhD graduate student. She is a theoretical astrophysicist exploring the mechanism for stellar explosions. Specifically, she is using massive computer simulations to explore the turbulent explosions of core-collapse supernovae, the explosion of massive stars.

Mariangelly Díaz Rodriguez

Mariangelly is an FSU physics PhD graduate student. She is using Hubble Space Telescope observations to constrain which stars explode. Stellar evolution theory predicts that the mass of a star determines its final fate, and in particular, massive stars explode. Mariangelly is using Bayesian statistical inference to infer the distribution of progenitor masses for these stellar explosions.

Mojgan Aghakhanlootakanloo

Mojgan is an FSU physics PhD graduate student. She is constraining the late-stage evolution of massive stars. In particular, she is unraveling the evolutionary history of luminous blue variables (LBVs), the mysterious massive stars which for unknown reasons expel much of their mass in small, modest, and giant eruptions.

Quintin Mabanta

Quintin is an FSU physics PhD graduate student. He is exploring what makes a massive star explode. His current project involves probing the various turbulent terms which affect the critical conditions of core-collapse supernovae. Some broader interests include: gravitational waves, neutrino physics, and astrophysical hydrodynamics.
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